Joe the “Demonizer; and the desperation of the left.

Joe Biden and his left-wing Democrat handlers are in trouble, and they know it. You can hear it in their words and see it in their actions. They know that the country doesn’t like the direction they are taking it and fear, rightfully, that America will explain that to them in November in no uncertain terms. Here’s some evidence of what I mean.

Calling Conservatives “semi-fascists”!

Biden ran on a message of uniting the country, he’d be “everyone’s President” he said. Though that might have been a heart-felt truth at that moment, his behavior since has been far from it. Most recently his claim that Republicans are “semi-fascist” stands as testament. Aside from being untrue, it’s an obvious statement of desperation. It’s also an old and well-worn political tactic to “demonize” your opponent somehow. Even if it is not true! Those are not the words of Joe the Uniter, but rather Joe the Demonizer. That behavior is a cancer in American politics that Biden’s handlers are happy to have him spread. It’s a “Look! Joe’s doing something!” “He’s calling them out” just like the trolls he’s playing to as he attempts to fire up the Democrat base; whoever that might be.

Student debt “forgiveness”.

For the record, I don’t have that much difficulty with the idea. But it needs to be fair….which it is not. Rewarding those that did not meet their obligations and punishing those that did is far from fair. In his plan, if you mortgaged your ass to the hilt three years ago to pay off your student loans you are SOL. Even though the financial impact of your student loans still hangs around your neck. Meanwhile, your neighbor, who just blew off that obligation gets a big bonus. Fair? Hardly!

So what was Joe’s plan? Though this is wrapped in the good feelings of helping folks this was about buying votes. An act of desperation driven by his handlers. “Joe, you gotta do this Joe. We’re losing the public! We need the votes!” If there was any other intent, it was so poorly executed that it was lost on most Americans.

Fleeing Afghanistan!

Again for the record, I didn’t have any difficulty with the idea of getting out of that Afghanistan mess. Probably shouldn’t have gotten in in the first place. But the reality is we were in and had been for some time ; and we had made a lot of promises to a lot of Afghani’s fearing for their lives. We turned our back and fled in a chaotic exodus reminiscent of the final days of Hanoi. There was no real good reason to flee like we did. But Joe, in another act of desperation, made us flee like scoundrels at a dock yard and leave a lot of folks for dead, or worse, in the process. General’s with on the ground knowledge of the place and events have told us that fleeing like that was not only unnecessary, but hugely counter-productive. Essentially everything we, and our Afghani partners spent years working for was lost; along with many Afghan lives and the lives of 13 Americans. But it was all about the votes. Joe needed to look decisive, no matter what the cost.

Defund the Police!

Oh! Wait! He just today said “fund the Police”…twice! OMG! Yep, OMG on two counts. First, when the idiot far-left anarchy types were screaming “ Defund the Police” where was Joe? When AOC and the rest of her squad-mates were screaming “Defund the Police”, where was Joe? When his own vice President was siding with the “Defund the Police” screamers where was Joe? He was right there with them demonizing the Police. Caught up in the insanity and the anarchy of the moment. Because it was about votes. Those Defund the Police nutcases represented Democrat votes and he was going to make sure he got them no matter what lunacy he needed to embrace.

A way too transparent attempt at de-demonizing!

But that was 2020. Fast forward to today and Joe has reversed his position. He’s out promoting his Make America Safe Again plan….actually he called it his Safe America Plan (SAP). Why the 180? Votes! The DNC knows that Americans are fed up with the crime surge brought on by the Defund the Police mental disorder. They are scrambling after those votes by mouthing words to try to undo all the mouthing of the opposite they were doing. They need to de-demonize when it comes to the police because the lawlessness of the last few years is on them.

It will be entertaining to see what Kamala and AOC and Cori Bush, Ilhan Omar and Ayanna Pressley deal with this de-demonizing. There are so many videos of them running their mouths about Defunding the Police that they will be caught in a tough spot. Truth of lie! The DNC will be issuing orders and talking points for all democrats to use. As usual those will be the same talking points that the left-wing media will babble about in the days ahead. The whole Democrat culture will have to re-spin their diatribes and try to wiggle out of complicity in that craziness. Good luck.



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One-time Democrat, came to my senses, opinionated…but evidence based, moderately conservative, have trouble with BS…especially the political variety.