Left wing Governors and Mayors are limp-dick-culpable in the damage to their States and Cities!!

Law and order is a fundamental necessity of every community, city, culture and country. Without law and order they cannot exist. This is so much a fact that essentially every Governor and Mayor swears an oath to uphold law and order and the safety and security that provides to their citizens. It is this basic, fundamental oath of office that they all break by failing to have the strength and moral courage to do that job when times get tough. And in failing to do that they fail in every aspect of their term in that position and should be purged from service.

As I watch night 5 unfold in cities across America I can see the left-leaning Governors and Mayors still have not got the message. As thousands of their citizens storm the streets, and hundreds openly engage in bold crimes of looting and arson and assault, millions of their citizens sit in their homes and wonder where the hell the authorities are. Why isn’t someone putting a stop to this? How can they allow this to happen?

The answer is those “leaders” are sitting in their offices or homes with their thumbs in their bums and their minds in neutral. They haven’t the slightest idea of what to do. They just go on spouting platitudes and marshmallow-sloganism, living in fear of two distinct realities closing in on them.

Reality #1: The people doing these criminal acts are their people. The votes they needed to get in to office and the votes they need to stay there. They simply can’t be tough on crime because being soft on crime was part of their political platform. They can’t offend these people because they will lose their votes. They are stuck in their spin with no way out and relegated to sit by dumb and numb and watch their cities burn.

Reality #2: They fear that taking the action actually needed to enforce the law and restore order will point out that Trump is right. You either act strongly and take charge of situations like this or you act weakly and lose any semblance of control. You need to support the protester’s right to protest, but also need to isolate and hammer the the crap out of the perpetrators of these crimes. It’s simple, and Trump is right!!! But they can’t let him have that win. So far the “leadership” of NYC, LA, SF, Oakland, Detroit, Minneapolis, Philadelphia…(need I go on?)… have done a shitty job of protecting the vast majority of their citizens in the face of riots by the small minority. The result will be people, businesses and tax revenue will flee to sanctuaries of law and order and leave the cities to decay and devolve into the lawless chaos so many “young people” seem to want.

There is only one way back from here and that is punishment for bad deeds. Despite what your mommies and daddies might have told you there is a price to pay for misbehaving. It may take a while, but the law will catch up to these folks because on top of everything else, they are dumb. As an example I will point to the ABC News video footage of the late model, white Mercedes sedan pulling up to the Best Buy in LA and driving away with a stolen 65 inch flat panel sticking out of the rear passenger door……license plate clearly visible. Talk about dumb! Whoever you people, and all the others who participated in these crimes, are you need to start looking over your shoulders because the law is coming for you. Maybe not today, and maybe not tomorrow, but some day soon. Good luck with that!


One-time Democrat, came to my senses, opinionated…but evidence based, moderately conservative, have trouble with BS…especially the political variety.

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One-time Democrat, came to my senses, opinionated…but evidence based, moderately conservative, have trouble with BS…especially the political variety.